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Unhinged at the Iron Horse

The Return of Brass Skulls

Temptress: Dallas Metal

Get on the Bus with Braxton Keith

For the Love of Metal: The Fleeting Romance

Getting the Blues for Christmas

Blank Labels Rising

Back to Basics

A.T.A. Unplugged Live at 6th Street Winery

Getting Up Close and Personal at Open Mic Night

Coffeehouse Collective: Jay Burnam and Jason Archer

Single Alert: Downtown Royalty Band's "Blue"

The Traditional Country of Ben Hatton

On the Hunt for the Best Game of Pool in Wichita Falls

Live Debut: Red River Vinyl

The Steamy Soul of Cade Roth and the Blacksheep

From the Vault: Skeksis at the Iron Horse

Giving Thanks: 6 Months of the FUSE

New Realm Explores Uncharted Sonic Territory with New Vocalist Brandt Holmes

Black River Rocks Legends Roadhouse

Strange Lucy Live at Legends

Live: Giant Pilot Touches Down

FUSE Poll: What's your favorite type of live entertainment?

Happy Halloween from Man the Machine

Exclusive Audio: Bailey Hatton Band

First Listen: The Kintners "Life Ain't Worth a Song"

Iowa Park Punk: Ya Down with IPP?

Performer Poll: What's the most rewarding part of your work as an entertainer?

Hellen Bach: Eight Hands and a Tongue

Roadtrip: Sean Snyder and Clint Vines Live in Graham

First Listen: Basics "Welp."

Audience Poll: What influences your concert choices the most?

Mike Battaglino Favors "Music City" Status for the Falls

Joyful Noise: Under the Rug

Single Alert: RDO Smokewagon "Too Far Gone"

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Video: Bailey Hatton Live at the Iron Horse

Devin Davis Performs "Intervention"

Liquid Laughs Continues to Grow

Video: Brass Skulls at Bud Daniel Park

Now Hear This: Better Strangers

Two Night Stand: Escape Goats Live

Sherain Fowler Performs Deftones at Open Mic Night

Video: Standing Next to Lightning

A Perfect Night with Brass Skulls

5 Songs by Local Artists as Good as a National Act

Blank Labels Live

Song Swap Night with Sean Snyder

The Return of The Kept

Get a Massage from Morgan Jezek at the Moon Market

Fuse Art Takeover by Lorenka Campos

TheFUSE Presents: Liquid Laughs 4

Desperado: A Tribute to the Eagles

Blaze of Glory: Live

Ladies Night Redefined with Jagged Little Band

Streaming Clint Vines

Art Exhibit: Joy SouthFox

Emerging Artist: Cody Joe Pope

Biskitheadz Live in Bud Daniel Park

Photo Art Reimagined: Lovesick Forever

Live at 9th and Ohio: The Huser Brother Band

The Pies of Chicago Pizza Kitchen

Them Dirty Roses at the Burn Shop Block Party

MEMENTO: A Juried Exhibition of Art that Reminds Us

Fuse Art Takeover by Glen Bacus

Gamma Goblin: Live and Loud

Subscriber Content: AA Bottom Live

Fuse Art Takeover by Derrick Holt III

Bonus Content: Hotter N Hell 100

Single Alert: Ladybird's "Worried Sick"

Dirt: A Tribute to Alice in Chains

Burial Tattoo Opens at 724 Indiana

James Cook is on Fire

Jaret Ray Reddick Comes Home to The Iron Horse

Drummers Step Into The Beast Zone

Rock Night at the Deep End

Hellen Bach Live at the Iron Horse Pub

The Strange Lucy Experience

LanceBattalion: Before the Storm

Live: The Notorious Cool Arrows

Kat Pratt Band at the Iron Horse

Hannah Belle Lecter Live

The Music of Art Walk

Shred Dirt: Oklahoma's RDO Smokewagon

The Blue Collar Country Rock of Clint Vines & The Hard Times

What's the Cost of a Great Photo Shoot?

Singers' Showcase at Song Swap Night

What Have You Heard About Fully Loaded Potato Kitchen?


Swamp Soul from Red and the Revelers

Love at the Farmer's Market

Coincidence, Locals and New Arrivals at Open Mic Night

A Swan Song from Thr33

A Summer Birthday Party and Jam Session

Singing Along to A.A. Bottom

An AI-Loving Photographer's Spooky Visions of Wichita Falls

AI Transforms Wichita Falls Places

How Many Subscribers Do We Have?

First Listen: Cellar Walls "New Cells"

Opinions: Who Has Wichita Falls' Best Pizza?

Liquid Laughs 2 at Big Blue

Big Find at the Iron Horse

The Fringe: Ever So Slightly

Homecoming: Catching Up with Jaret Ray Reddick

Bonus Shots: The Wee Beasties

It Hurts to Be Dead: Dystopian Graffiti Live

Taco Darlin, How Do I Love Thee?

Morgan Jezek Live at Legends

Rat Boyz: Caught in the Act

The Beginning is Always Today

Bonus Shots: It Hurts to Be Dead

Live Doom: The Kept

Basics: A Thundercloud When You’ve Been Praying for Rain

Have You Been to Hellen Bach?

Grillin' Season with Whole Plate Farm

Landmark: The Wichita Falls Route Building

The Clouds Parted and the Moon Market Came Out

Welcome to the FallstownFUSE

The Classic Crust of a Half Pint Taproom Pizza

Getting to Know Bryson Lawrence

The Impossibility of All Funk Radio Show

Austin Singer Luke Walker: Live

Wichita Falls is a Comedy Town

Sip & Paint with The Loaded Brush

The Shrimp Po' Boy from Highlander Public House

Greatness in the Making: American Slang

The Many Attractions of After Hours Art Walk

Factory City Tattoo Coming to Downtown

Interview with Thad Jackson of All Funk Radio Show

Spend Some Time on the Circle Trail

The Best Kind of Truck is a Taco Truck

Live Standup Comedy: Liquid Laughs

Concert in the Park: Turnpike Tributedours

Scandal: Is Casa Manana Older Than Reported?

I Went on a Frozen Yogurt Journey

In This Corner: Stone Oven Pizza

Drumming in the Park

Perfect Weather for the Farmers' Market

Wanna Be Seen in theFUSE?

Pepperoni Detroit Style: This is Progress

The Moon Market: It's Not a Store on the Moon

Hazel: In the Spotlight

Delicious Dive: Casa Manana

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Summer Nights in Wichita Falls

The Ohio Bridge

Caught in the Act: James Cook Band