Troy Larson and the FallstownFUSE offer a number of services, including:


For virtually any occasion. Live events, social gatherings, family reunions, engagements, graduations, performer publicity shoots, and more. We offer our assistance in planning, location scouting, wardrobe, and all the other concerns to make your shoot easy and hassle-free.

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Wanna take the guessing game out of whether we’ll be at your event? You can hire us to shoot your gig.


Promote your Wichita Falls-area business or event via theFUSE with full-featured stories and photography, social media promotion and more. Ask about priority placement at


Need an event for a corporate picnic or other special occasion in the Falls-area? A band? A singer? A standup comedian? TheFUSE offers consulting services for any event, from bar trivia to jam sessions to live performances by seasoned pros. Need some ideas, or just want to chat about what’s possible on your budget? Contact Troy at